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Monday, January 27, 2014

Journal 20: Mr Brown and the Unraveling of Umuofia

Please answer the following in your journal following Chapter 21.

1. In what ways is Mr. Brown more enlightened than other white colonists, and why might this make him more effective as a missionary?

2.  How does the story of Nnama and the white man's court illustrate the unraveling of Igbo culture?

Journal #19: Changes in Umuofia

Read through Chapter 21.  Describe the changes in Umuofia upon Okonkwo's return.  Which phrases, sentences, or passages of Achebe's are the most vivid in the description of these changes?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Journals 17 and 18: Things Fall Apart

Journal 17:  Nwoye's Conversion
After reading Chapter 16, explain why Nwoye joins the missionaries (1 paragraph.

Journal #18:  Sympathizing with Okonkwo?
After reading Chapter 17, answer the following:
1.  What is happening to Okonkwo's family?
2.  Do we sympathize with him?  Why or why not?  (1 paragraph total)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Final, Short Essay Question Options

Short Essay Question:  Two Choices
1.  How is this piece of African literature different than literature that you have read previously?  Based on what you have experienced from this novel so far, what are some unique characteristics of African literature that appear in Things Fall Apart, and please give examples to support your ideas. (3 paragraphs)

2.  In what ways does Achebe use this novel to confront and disprove false European colonial assumptions of African society and culture.  Use concrete examples from the novel in your response. (3 paragraphs)­­­

Journal #16: The Tortoise and the Birds

Describe what the folk tale, The Tortoise and the Birds, is about.  Why does Ekwefi tell Ezinma this story?  What is the moral lesson, and the lesson about nature?

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Favorite Books" Blog Post for Cross-Cultural Fluency Project (Tangier-Fortuna Connected)

For our second blog post, please write about the following:

What are your three favorite books (along with the name of the author or authors) that you've read from your childhood until now.  Explain what makes them your favorites.

Please respond by Friday, December 10.  Then, next week, explore the blog posts of your friends on the other side of the world and comment on at least 3 of them.